In Depth Look: The Dry-X® Cleaning Process

These sponges that are used to clean your carpet are an environmentally preferred carpet cleaning system that deep cleans your carpet and reduces dust mites and mold leaving it fresh, clean, dry and ready to use. Made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of water, HOST is the easy, effective, safe and green carpet cleaner.


After vacuuming, we apply the cleaner to the carpet.


The mechanical action of the machine delivers the liquids in the sponges to the dirty fiber surface. The our Machine brushes the Cleaner up, down, over and around the dirty carpet fibers. The Cleaner contacts all surfaces of the dirty carpet fibers, dissolving and absorbing the oil bond and sticky residues that causes dirt to adhere to the fibers.


As brushing continues, the dissolved dirt is wiped away from the fibers. Just as sponges in your kitchen holds on to dirt, these sponges hang on to the dissolved dirt until it is removed by vacuuming. They loosen, instantly absorb and holds the dissolved dirt under control, until it’s removed by vacuuming. Vacuuming is the final step. The our extractor machines pile lift and vacuum the sponges holding the dissolved dirt.


Any our sponge cleaner left behind is completely harmless. It is soft and nonabrasive and will eventually be removed by subsequent vacummings. With the Dry-X® Cleaning Process carpets don’t resoil because there’s no sticky detergent residue to grab and hold fresh dirt.